Friday, January 20, 2006


We are in the process of potty training Cailin, but she is far from trained. She will always go if you put her on the toilet, but she still goes in her diaper all the time. That being said, Cara decided this morning that after Cailin used the toilet she wouldn't put her in a diaper. Cara then left for work, and you can probably guess what happened next. As I was playing with Will, Cailin walks over with a smile on her face and says "Poopy!" Sure enough she had filled her pajamas. We went to get her cleaned up and in the process I stuck my hand in the mess not once but twice.

Now I can put up with gross things but for some reason sticking my hand in feces really grosses me out. I have been washing my hands continuously since and I still feel like they are a little dirty. Hopefully the feeling will go away with time.

Thursday, January 12, 2006


I don't think I have mentioned how amazingly bad my dog is on this site. He is currently in the Emergency Vet Clinic because he ate about 25 Rimadyl tablets (Arthritis Medication for dogs). When all is said and done we will probably be in for about $1000 for this little incident.

This got me thinking about all the things we have put up with over the 9 years we have had this dog and I thought I would make a list:

1) When he was a puppy he wouldn't go outside by himself so we would be outside 2 or 3 times a night standing in the rain waiting for him to do his thing
2) He ate an entire Costco size bag of dog biscuits and proceeded to have projectile diarreah all over our house. I had to scoop up the liquid with a dustpan and the mop all the floors, walls, cupboards, moldings, dryer.
3)He ate an entire can of powdered baby formula (fortified with Iron!) and proceeded to again projectile liquid poo all over the house. This time I had a crawling infant who had to sit in his high chair while I cleaned up.
4)He ate my entire chocolate birthday cake one year
5)He ripped the mail slot out of our wall
6)He ate Cara's pocket PC
7)He ripped the upholstery off our couch
8)He ate a brand new unworn pair of Cara's shoes
9)He chewed on Cara's Burberry wallet
10)He has shredded at least 4 of my pillows
11)He ate the face off my niece's favorite baby doll
12)He escaped from our backyard and got hit by a car (this didn't even slow him down by the way)
13) He ate 2 of Will's gingerbread houses this Christmas

I am sure there are some I am forgetting and I didn't even include the little daily things he does like eating his own feces, rubbing his dirty face all over the walls, eating anything we leave on the cupboard. It is sad to say but owning this dog has kind of soured me on ever owning another. I used to love dogs

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Why is it...?

Why is it that when I am trying to do anything that requires my full concentration my children choose that moment to use my legs as climbing posts/obstacles?

Tonight for example I was making dinner. I had a hot pan full of meat and vegetables and right then, weaving between my legs, there appeared both kids playing tag! I feel bad ordering them away since I think they just want attention, but I would rather not have to take them to the hospital for 1st degree burns!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Officially a Student

I have been accepted to George Fox College's Masters in Teaching program. I start this January and should complete the program in May 2007. Hopefully I will be teaching in my own classroom by Fall 2007.

I really wish I could get a job in one of the schools closest to our house but in talking to the faculty from the program the only people that haven't had jobs when they finished were the people that want to work in Portland Public schools. I guess I will have to suck it up and go work in the suburbs were everyone with kids is moving.

Oh, by the way, if anyone reads this check out the following site:

Go to the personality test to find out what kind of loser you are. Personally, I am a Winner Loser.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Portland Zoo

We went to the zoo yesterday, and I have to say that early Saturday when it is a little cold is a great time to be there. It was pretty empty and all the animals were out walking around. Will really enjoyed the monkeys. They were swinging all over the place. He could have stood there for hours. My favorite was probably the leopards. It isn't often that the big cats are actually walking around. Every other time I have been to the zoo they were sleeping. Yesterday the 2 leopards were climbing in the trees, drinking from their stream, and they even wrestled a little bit. A lot of it even happened right by the window, very cool!

Friday, September 16, 2005

back again

OK, I am finally posting again. It has been a long summer and I guess I will call my hiatus from blogging a "summer vacation".

On Wednesday The kids and I went with their grandparents to Chapman School in NW Portland. We had heard about a bird phenomenon we wanted to check out. Apparently, every September, migrating Swifts use the smokestack at the school as a nesting site for a little while to build strength for their migration to Mexico. Each night right at sunset they all start to flock and then after some signal they all go into the chimney at once I thought there would be a few hundred birds and it would be pretty neat to see, but there were THOUSANDS! We got there about 7:00 and they were just starting to arrive. Over the next half hour or so they just kept coming. Initially they were unorganized but eventually they started to form into a large flock that circled around the chimey like a tornado There were so many that it looked like a huge swarm of gnats that you might see over a marsh.

The birds wanted to start down the chimey but there was a Peregrin Falcon sitting on the top of the opening. The Swifts were swooping and turning away from the chimey when the Falcon pounced and grabbed one right out of mid-air. It was very "Wild Kingdom". I expected Marlin Perkins to start narrating. After the sacrificial Swift was taken to a nearby tree to be consumed, the other birds started their descent. It was more dramatic than I expected. With the sky darkening you couldn't see the birds until they were 30-40 feet above the chimey and it looked like they were being sucked in. I still don't know how the chimey holds all the birds that entered. I guess they are specialized to grab on to vertical walls and they pack in to stay warm. (there was an informational sign where I learned a few things).

All in all it was a very neat thing to see and I will probably go back. The funniest part of it all is that there were over 500 people there to watch. They brought lawn chairs, blankets and picnics. I didn't realize that birds were that much of a draw. If you go, make sure you go a little early as you will have trouble finding a close parking space.

There is also a good playground for the kids if they get bored. Grandma took Will and Cailin there since they weren't that entertained by the circling birds for long. Will proceded to fall off the play structure and gave himself quite a lump on the head. He's OK though, no lasting damage.

Monday, June 13, 2005

that's a big rock!

I spent Sunday working in the back yard. We decided to move a water feature from the side of our house where it was sitting unused and broken to the back yard where we can enjoy it. There were many steps in this project, some fun and others not so fun:
1) I had to cut out two sections of the 4"x8" wood border using a reciprocating saw (fun - included use of power tools)
2) Cut out a section of the grass from the yard (not fun - grass was heavy and I didn't have anywhere to put the sod after it was removed)
3) Dig a big hole (fun - digging a big hole is always fun unless there are lots of rocks)
4) Place pond liner in hole (not fun - but easy)
5) Take pretty decorative gravel off the top of old water feature and set aside for use in new location (not fun - hard to get only pretty gravel and not boring river rock underneath)
6) Go to Home depot to buy more river rock (fun - Home Depot trips are always fun)
7) Fill new pond with rock and place basin for pump (not fun - rock is heavy)
8) Go to equipment rental store to rent an appliance dolly (not fun - $10 for stupid dolly for 1 hour)
9) Move 600 lb rock water feature from old to new location (Fun - rock was incredibly heavy but it was very satisfying to get it moved)
10) Run tubing through rock from pump (not fun - had to tip big rock over run tubing and lift rock up again)
11) Place smaller decorative rocks around big rock and cover river rock with previously saved pretty decorative rock. (fun - Cara did this part)
12) Fill with water and plug in pump (Fun - everything worked and there were no leaks!)

It really turned out nice. Now we just have to get a bunch of plants so it doesn't look so crappy behind it.

Monday, May 23, 2005

bad luck

It's been a bad couple days

Yesterday we went over to our friend's house in Lake Oswego. They have a boat on the lake, and the weather was nice, so we decided to take the kids out for a spin around the lake. We got everyone loaded and I was taking the last rope of the boat when my keys fell out of my pocket and went right into the lake. I watched in what seemed like slow motion as my car and house keys sank straight to the bottom. Luckily we were right at the dock so it didn't seem too deep. Scott (my "friend") said he thought it was only a couple feet deep and I could probably get them just by reaching with my hand. That didn't work so I stripped to my boxers, much to the delight of the small children and the 2 grown men watching me, and dropped into the lake. The water turned out to be about 5 feet deep so I was up to my chest(not waist deep as I was led to believe). This also amused everyone greatly. I was feeling around with my feet in the mud hitting rocks and sticks. I was about to give up and dive down to feel with my hands when somehow I found them and pulled them up with my toes.

I thought that was the end of it, but then I remembered that my alarm was on in my car. The remote didn't seem to work very well after being submerged. We ended up taking our friend's car home and Cara had to go back this morning with our spare remote.

Then this morning I was trying to put laundry in a basket and keep Cailin from taking it back out again when I forgot where I was standing. As I turned back toward the clothes hamper I slammed my head into the corner of the wall. I almost knocked myself out. I saw stars and went to my knees while Cailin threw dirty laundry on top of me. I still have a big welt on my head tonight. Oh the joys of the stay at home dad!

I think I need to stay away from power tools for the next few days at the least.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Party guy!!

Last night Cara and I went to 2 parties. The first was for our friend Rob (see Archi-Blog-O). Yesterday was his last day of work so we joined them for a few drinks at John Barleycorn's. It was fun even though we got there late and were only there for about an hour.

Then we came home and our neighbor was having a barbecue for a few people. We got there about 8:00, we ate, drank a few beers and the next thing I know it was 1:30 in the morning and I am the last person there. I am a little worried that I may have overstayed my welcome. They didn't seem put out and they did tentatively invite Cara and I to dinner, so I am thinking it was OK. I think I need to get out with adults more. I was just talking and talking because it was so nice to be around other people and not have to be worrying about where the kids are, if they have eaten anything, does Cailin have something in her mouth that she shouldn't, etc. In the future I will just have to wear a watch and pay more attention to who is leaving and when.

Now I am off to another party. This one is a birthday party for a 3 year old from Will's school so I don't think I will have a hard time tearing myself away.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

New Bike

We bought Will a new bike last week for his "half-birthday". Cara's family always celebrated half-birthdays and it seems we have adopted the tradition. Normally I would say a bike is a little excessive for a half birthday present, but he really needed a new bike as his old one was way too small.

Will is very excited by the new bike. We go for a ride around the neighborhood every time it isn't raining, which in the last few days hasn't been very often. I am hoping to teach him to ride without training wheels this summer. I was trying to remember when I learned to ride. I think I was 5 years old. Will will be 5 in November so I think he should be ready by later this summer. I am a little scared though since he has a really hard time with any sort of injury. A little scrape can lead to a hour of screaming. What will happen if he crashes on his bike?

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